About New Nordic

Joy means maintaining vitality year after year.

The idea for a new way of living was born in Scandinavia where people live close to nature. Now it is spreading all over the world.

Driven by a desire of change and the vision to take advantage of the amazing power of nature to bring more vitality to people, the two founders of New Nordic set a goal to create innovative and dramatically more effective natural products.

Since the beginning, more than 20 years ago, New Nordic has focused on product innovation, which still today forms the core of New Nordic's strategy.
The company listen and learn from cultures locally and in the most remote corners of the globe. New Nordic focus on natural products that have a solid scientific evidence for enhancing vitality and promoting an active life, even in people of advanced age. Then they refine, analyze and test them under controlled conditions. This careful approach is the foundation for New Nordic's product offering.

New Nordic produce all their products in Scandinavia in state-of-the-art modern and pharmaceutical standard factories. It is talented and highly skilled people who make it happen. The New Nordic team consists of people with entrepreneurial spirit, an international orientation and a genuine appreciation of healthy living. The company follow Scandinavian values and the management emphasizes result-orientation and personal growth.

In every culture around the globe, more and more people are beginning to realise that natural health products may help prolong vitality and generally improve the quality of life. The elderly are increasingly able to enjoy the pleasures that vitality brings.

New Nordic is committed to uncompromising consistent product quality from field and forest to the package in the pharmacy - and committed to consistently improving the product offering. That makes the New Nordic "Silver Tree" mark the stamp of quality for New Nordic's world-famous food supplements trusted by millions and sold in more than 50.000 pharmacies worldwide.

Let New Nordic show you the path of vitality!